Kindle SleeveCase

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Give your Kindle with Kindle Leather Cover a safeguard with a properly fitted SleeveCase. There are many reasons why you should invest in buying one, some of these are:
The construction of the sleeve is High-grade neoprene and ballistic nylon
The insert is Impact-resistant with Ultrasuede lining
There is an accessories storage Back pocket
Made for Amazon Kindle within Kindle Leather Cover
This amazing SleeveCase provides near-indestructible protection. The high-grade neoprene offers shock protection, and the ballistic nylon ensures your device will NOT get scratched while in the case.
The SleeveCase cares for your Kindle on the inside as on the outside too. The Ultrasuede lining gently cleans the screen whenever you put it in and remove it from the case while the impact-resistant insert protects the screen against damage from minor knocks. Meanwhile the back pocket gives space for accessories storage such as charging cables or reading lights. This storage feature reduces the amount of clutter you have to take with you, keeping everything in one handy package.
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